The Neighbourhood Management Office

Co-shaping a vibrant new urban neighbourhood.
Team photo of the Neighbourhood Management Seestadt Aspern
© Amelie Chapalain / Stadtteilmanagement
The Neighbourhood Management team help new residents settle in and find their feet, facilitate the development of a lively community, provide information on the latest developments in and around Seestadt and support initiatives for active involvement in the neighbourhood.  
They encourage people to explore and discover Seestadt and its surrounding area and create space for encounter and exchange. The activities of the Neighbourhood Management Office focus on developing community life in the new urban centre. The team act as bridge-builders and facilitators between local residents and the various stakeholders and institutions active at Seestadt.

True to the motto "Seestadt is what we all make of it", the staff at the Neighbourhood Management Office work in partnership with local people, businesses and other interested parties to create an attractive, vibrant city-within-a-city. The team create impulses in the fields of housing, community life, culture, business networking, education, leisure and sustainability.
Given its mandate in early 2014 by the City of Vienna's Municipal Department 25 and Wien 3420 aspern development AG, the Seestadt aspern Neighbourhood Management Office is staffed by an interdisciplinary team with a wealth of experience across the board.
Have you any queries or input about Seestadt, community life or how to get involved in neighbourhood activities? Drop by and visit us
Address: Hannah-Arendt-Platz 1 (ground floor), 1220 Vienna
T: +43 (0)1 33 66 00 99

Opening hours

Monday 1.00pm – 6.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am – 13.00pm
Wednesday 1.00pm – 6.00pm
Thursday 9.00am – 6.00pm
Friday 2.00pm – 6.00pm
Questions or input regarding

Please address your enquiry to the respective member of the team.

Marian Rudhart

support for initiatives
+43 676 8118 25 366

Sara Hammer

Leader, netzworking in the district and with experts
+43 676 8118 25 361

Lena Mally

Deputy Leader, support for initiatives
+43 676 8118 65 127

Christina Auer

Public Relations
+43 676 41 535 78

Gerald Köteles

Support for initiatives & networking in the district
+43 676 676 64 62

Max Werdenigg

Welcoming new neighbors and networks in the district
+43 676 8118 25 362

Claudia Glawischnig-Hejtmanek

Business network
+43 699 166 70 324

Katharina Kirsch-Soriano da Silva

quality control
+43 664 842 78 18

Johannes Posch

+43 664 225 22 87
The Neighourhood Management Office is run by a project consortium consisting of Caritas (the social welfare NGO of the Archdiocese of Vienna) and the planning consultancy PlanSinn Planung und Kommunikation GmbH, in partnership with the sub-contractor abz*austria.
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For the latest on community affairs and local life, visit the Neighbourhood Management team's blog

Events calendar (German only)

The events calendar shows all local events and dates for your diary at a glance.

Activities and initiatives

Read on for information about activities and initiatives organised by the Neighbourhood Management Office.