Industry 4.0

Seestadt is positioning itself as a hotspot for urban manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is bringing smart production into the urban environment.

Modern manufacturing is fit for a return to the city. Clean technologies and the increasing digitalization of factories are paving the way for production to return to urban centres. The Seestadt business hub stands out for its expertise in R&D, with a special focus on Industry 4.0.

For companies, manufacturing in an urban setting brings tangible economic advantages: they benefit from spatial proximity to their customers and have a larger pool of well-trained employees to recruit from, not to mention the fact that sustainability and regionality are playing an increasingly important role in consumer decision-making.
Industry 4.0 at aspern Seestadt
Industry 4.0 © Luiza Puiu
Portrait of Gerhard Hirczi, CEO at Vienna Business Agency
Shaped by global players such as HOERBIGER, Opel and top-level research at the TU pilot plant, the Seestadt business hub is a fruitful environment for companies to be in. Now, with the expansion of the Technology Center Seestadt, the arrival of the Atos European IT Competence Center and the clear focus on Industry 4.0, its attractiveness is set to grow still further.
Gerhard Hirczi, CEO, Vienna Business Agency
Austria's first digital pilot plant
Seestadt Technology Centre

Companies at Seestadt

Global technology group HOERBIGER, the world's leading IT service provider, Atos, and social enterprise Wien Work have all chosen to locate at the Seestadt business hub. Learn more about the companies at Seestadt!
the future of industry
17.000 sqm
for production and research at the expanded Technology Center
new buildings at the Technology Center