Lakeside Park Quarter

The new business hotspot in aspern Seestadt features a pedestrian zone with restaurants, bars and shops, attractive offices and privately financed apartments, as well as hotels and sports facilities. Below the map you will find detailed information.

The prime location for offices, retail, trade & commerce

A lively shopping parade, well-planned public spaces and privately-financed apartments round off the vibrant mix and make for a feel-good atmosphere in Seestadt's business hotspot. The Lakeside Park Quarter enjoys excellent transport links and is easily reached via Seestadt underground station. 


The benefits at a glance

  • Prestigious + affordable: prime locations with lake views
  • Fast + efficient: direct link to U2 underground line
  • Urban + attractive: pedestrian zone with shops, restaurants and cafés
  • Smart + award-winning: the intelligent mobility concept is a plus point for companies

The huge potential purchasing power in the surrounding area, attractive shopping facilities, innovative real estate projects and public spaces with the feel-good factor make the Lakeside Park Quarter the perfect location for large companies, innovative start-ups and bold ideas.